The Framework built for

Assessing Readiness with Transparency and Clarity

Easy to collaborate. Easy to engage. Easy to identify focus areas.



Build your own Assessments, Gap analysis to evaluate readiness for a subject matter in a few clicks. Transform spreadsheets into simple yet structured questionnaires slides.

Use the cached library to preload answers you have previously used, helping to build a questionnaire in a short period of time. Adjust the weighting of the answers as required.




Personalise aspects of the Assessment or Gap analysis from adding logos Java, and Css.

In a few clicks customise the Individual Assessment homepage, slides, completion page, reports, and email correspondence.




On completion of the Questionnaire, a visually rich report is emailed instantaneously to the Assessee from you preferred domain and email, a copy is also received to your email address.

Ready to engage and collaborate on highlighted focus areas.

The Deliverable (Report) can be completely customised to align products and services depending on thresholds, or choose to visualise the data to suit.




Send the Assessment or Gap Analysis to as many required contacts to complete with a simple link thru any channel.

Retrieve the data in a structured format to review and model your assessments building on the results.




Choose to publish and unpublish Assessments without affecting the record keeping. Work with the data on demand as the project progress on your time frame.



Channel Partners

SDE adopted a channel partner approach.

Working directly with and indirectly through partners to achieve their clients objectives.





“ Implement, maintain and improve management systems.
Thinking is driven by the need for companies to both quantitatively and qualitatively improve over time. We supplement this with a driven approach for real and robust performance improvement thinking, tools and techniques better strategies, systems, measurement and engaging people delivering better results.

Statius Management Services


“ DAMgrafisk is not an advertising agency, but a graphic consulting company, run by DAM itself
with the help of a handful of skilled freelancers and the best subcontractors.
The primary competencies are COMMUNICATION and GRAPHIC DESIGN - word and image - and then we produce both ONLINE and OFFLINE.



“ The appetite to take your business to the next level. Marketing 4 Results is an experienced and friendly marketing agency here to help you with all aspects of your outsourced marketing if you’re ready to take your business to the next level. We have the Marketing tools, knowledge and strategies to help busy managers and business owners accelerate growth and profit within their companies.

Marketing 4 Results



Engage with ease on focus areas

Leave the headaches to us. We take a pragmatic approach, delivering with speed and without compromising quality.




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