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Discover the flexible scalable foundation for B2B, B2C, LMS marketplaces, collaboration and online shops.


Our Service

Design, develop and maintain sites for eCommerce.




The User experience needs to continuously adapt.

It's part of the business foundation in a changing world. We approach our projects with this mindset.

Website audits, benchmarking, customer journey mapping all forms part of this.

Reviewing high volume trading frameworks, packaging consultative engagements or launching microsites for products and services.

We create and maintain the online presence to promote and sell.


responsive design

Mobile web pages are important
Maybe the most important

We understand this.

No one enjoys a slow website and have an expectation for freedom to access information with any device, responsive design is part of the world today.


Information architecture and wireframes

Planning and conceptualising a new online presence or microsite before starting is essential for delivering within budget and timeframe.

This is the corner stone of our collaboration, mapping the customer journey and data capturing process. It sets transparency and manages expectations for reaching the projects milestones.


Reduce the time to go live

Design and programming happen alongside. You have real-time access to the development environment, allowing you to inject creativity and adapt the information flow as we progress.

We work in harmony with you to achieve the quickest route to go live without compromising the quality of your online presence.



Channel Partners

SDE adopted a channel partner approach.

Working directly with and indirectly through partners to achieve their clients objectives.




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“ Implement, maintain and improve management systems.
Thinking is driven by the need for companies to both quantitatively and qualitatively improve over time. We supplement this with a driven approach for real and robust performance improvement thinking, tools and techniques better strategies, systems, measurement and engaging people delivering better results.

Statius Management Services


“ DAMgrafisk is not an advertising agency, but a graphic consulting company, run by DAM itself
with the help of a handful of skilled freelancers and the best subcontractors.
The primary competencies are COMMUNICATION and GRAPHIC DESIGN - word and image - and then we produce both ONLINE and OFFLINE.



“ The appetite to take your business to the next level. Marketing 4 Results is an experienced and friendly marketing agency here to help you with all aspects of your outsourced marketing if you’re ready to take your business to the next level. We have the Marketing tools, knowledge and strategies to help busy managers and business owners accelerate growth and profit within their companies.

Marketing 4 Results